our team

Our senior management team will be in regular contact with you throughout your project, making sure that the new outside space we are creating is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Adam Gray (Managing Director)


Having enjoyed a 12-year career in men’s fashion from the late 1980s, a combination of the decline in UK manufacturing and a strong urge for change saw Adam create Elitescapes alongside his father Raymond in 1998. “What initially struck us upon getting underway were the similarities between designing men’s high fashion and designing gardens. In both fields you are creating concepts that are meant to be both usable and stylish to individual needs. Having a creative skill set naturally helped us in the early stages before CAD was introduced and whilst the transition took adjustment, the decision was one I am truly thankful for every day.”

Adam’s role

As managing director, Adam is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. He will act as your primary point of contact throughout the design and landscaping process.

“My pledge to clients is that, should we embark on this journey together, it will prove to be one of your most pleasurable buying experiences, leaving a product that we will both be truly proud of. This business is my third child, something I place immense pride in, and I hope this is reflected in how I nurture it and how it is portrayed.”


Dan Francis (Managing Partner)


In life there are some people who can put their hand to anything and then there are some that can do this exceptionally well. Having had an early career as a CAD designer and then a 13-year career as a bond trader, Dan chose to join his lifelong friend Adam in 2012 and took a stake in Elitescapes on both a financial and emotional level.

Dan’s role

Dan is responsible for all design production and is one of the lead technical contributors throughout the process, working seamlessly alongside Adam and the team at all stages of the process. Dan is known for being Mr. Calm, as well as being super diligent.

“I was lucky enough back in 2012 to be able to finally embark on a career that took me away from a dealer board and internal politics and into the great outdoors – I’ve never looked back. I feel extremely lucky to be making a living doing something I absolutely love and being able to create gardens that give our customers so much happiness.”

Our on-site

All of our projects are managed by highly skilled Landscape professionals with a combined 50 years experience within our industry. Together they manage a long-standing team of professional soft and hard landscapers to realise our designs and uphold the highest standard at all times.