Many of our clients ask us similar questions in relation to their garden project, so we have put all the answers in one place to make the process easier for you.

When is the best time of year to build a garden?

There is no ideal time of year to begin your garden project. There are different benefits to completing this work in each season.

  • Spring
    Starting your project in the early part of the year can mean it is ready to be used during the warmest months.
  • Summer
    Our team can make quick progress on your garden as summer provides the most favourable weather conditions for our work.
  • Autumn
    The conditions are still favourable, and you can also have your garden ready to enjoy during the following spring.
  • Winter
    This is the time of year when you are least likely to be using your garden, so you’ll experience minimal disruption whilst we’re working.

How much notice will I need for my landscaping project?

Depending on our team’s availability, the notice required may vary between four and nine months.

Why should I get a professional garden design?

A professional design will eliminate guesswork and prevent the misinterpretation of dimensions or concepts. It can also give context to the exact costs of your project so that you can budget accordingly.

Will the size of my garden matter?

No – small projects are just as welcome as large ones. The most important thing is that our clients want the best finish their investment can achieve.

Why is email the initial method of contact?

Discussing your project with us via email means that everything is traceable during this stage, avoiding verbal misunderstandings.

What is ‘exterior living’?

Exterior living refers to the concept of migrating a home’s interior into an outdoor space, whilst adding an extra living dimension and usability to a property. Being able to absorb and understand a homeowner’s style is vital in this process.

How many people will work on my garden?

This will depend on the size of your project. For medium sized projects, we assign one crew of 3-4 men. For large projects, our full team of 7 will be working at your property.

Should I contact you before or after I’ve finished renovating my home?

Either scenario will work for us, although contacting us in advance may be of benefit so that we can coordinate with interior designers.