Patios tailored to
your preferences, made from the highest quality materials


We can install patios in Bromley to perfectly complement your garden project. We use materials that fully meet your specifications and, with the quality of the stone and porcelain that we source, you can expect durability and longevity once installation is complete.

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For any enquiries regarding patios in Bromley, fill out our contact form and we will provide a response within 24 hours.

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Patio design tailored to
your preferences

We will closely collaborate with you during the design stage of your new patio area, creating a practical space that complements the rest of your property. Depending on the finish you prefer, we have a selection of premium stone, slate, or porcelain to choose from.

Landscaping process for garden patios

Our landscaping specialists will adhere to the same meticulous process to achieve the highest standards when constructing your patio area. This involves overengineering your new patio using a variety of different techniques, so that the surface will remain structurally solid throughout its lifespan, and is blended seamlessly with suitable planting palettes.

How do we create
your bespoke patio?

The prestige service that we provide makes us the right choice for all types of patios in Bromley. We follow a detailed process that involves multiple steps to make sure that the design and construction of your new patio is completed to suit your requirements.