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About Elitescapes

Soft Landscaping

Upon forming our business towards the latter part of 1998, the vast majority of our focus was on 'Soft landscaping'. Only having experienced the hard landscaping element being carried our so poorly by builders did we start to become involved in this component of our industry, by way of ensuring the highest standards were maintained throughout the whole process.

Most of our gardens will encompass a strong element of innovative planting, all designed to provide a stimulating visual backdrop to suit both the property and local environment. All plants are sourced from reputable wholesale suppliers and planted using suitable soil blends and conditioners to guarantee plants are given the best start and allowed to flourish for years to come.

Whilst Elitescapes does not offer a maintenance service, together with our network of contacts we are able to assist you in making the right choices regarding which contractor and frequency required to ensure your garden looks at its best possible and recieves the correct amount of care, something which is vital to ensure it reaches it's full potential.